The Gems


My Journey!

Each Image

Is A Step


Insight Towards 




I love sharing "The Gems Of My Journey". Images captured in-the-moment as I walk with The Light. Nature, Animals,  Landscape, Humanity, Abstracts, Fine Art Photography. With rare expection, all are shared exactly as I captured it; in composition, with the natural light, and with no photoshop and no editing.

Sharing what catches my eye and feeds my Spirit in this Life, is an honor. My Journey began again into Photography in 2004; this time with Digital, due to a health challenge and some memorable encounters with two photographers.  The camera became my new 'brush' that I added on my daily Walkabouts. Each image a piece of a visual diary through many years of twists and turns. Different; venues, health situatuions, opportunities, roadtrips, connections, explorations adding to an extensive library. Noting; the beauty, the oddity, the surprises; all adding solace and a smile in my Heart, in the Highs and Lows; of physyical Altitude and of Life.


 May Your Spirit Be Touched, Supported, Lifted Too! 


Namaste Yvette



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