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Part of a extensive Collection of favorites captured and shared in the purity of light and the reflection of the surroundings in water! (no editing or photoshop...It is as it was...was observed) These; part of group captured on a trip with my mom. Her focus and sight elsewhwere; as mine was on the beauty and magic of light bouncing off the surrounding arena!
Unity Of WisdomA MIndful StanceDiving DownCity EscapeEarth WatchBlue Gold MenagerieElephants EnlightenGrounding In GreenH20...Conversations Of ConnectionLandscape Of LifeLight 'N The LayersGold MenagerieMan In ProfileMirror Of The MugshotMother Earth...Facing LifePiscean PlayThe RabbitProfile PerceptionsThe Eyes With LightTiger's Menagerie