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A Collection of years of photoshoots; planned and impromput as I wandered on my own Journey. My own dogs; Spuddy and Hiro are shared too, as they were such gems of companions. Each in their own way. Spuddy that one that enjoyed Art Shows, Healing Sessions; with people and animals, and could communicate with any Being in a kind, gentle, and if needed direct manner.
Canines...connect from and with their Hearts. Each different and each rooted in the honesty of Being Present and Listening.
A Wolf's PrayersAction HeroReading Mohawk (wolf pup)End Of Day ClearingBe Just Awwesome!Bringing ItD.O.G.Diggin' In...The PinkFriendship Of VisionGrill In CompetitionHip Ups SunsetHound In HandLaying In Wet...WaitingConversations In PecosMini MeMixing With DadMoccasin MomentsA Day-At-The-SpaA Moment In TimeBONJOURNO!